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These are some of the photos that were taken during our interventions.

Hoists, drums, ropes, constructions, control boxes, gears, bridges, arrows, gearboxes, hooks, pulleys, crossbeams and other parts of cranes are part our daily routine.


Derrick cranes on site
Derrick crane during testing on the track
Inspection of the drum of a crane
Pendant control box of a crane
On a gantry crane above Danube river
Part of a crane construction, Danube river in the back
Crane testing in the shipyard
Construction of a gantry crane
Gantry crane during testing
Gantry crane, half profile view
Top part of the crane's construction, picture taken from the ground
Junction box on one of the interventions
Mounting of a derrick crane
Drums, ropes and motors of a crane
Drums and motor
Load testing of a crane
Power cord winding and motor
Derrick crane viewed through the containers
Derrick cranes, picture taken from the base
Rope winding on a drum
Rope winding on a drum - mechanism
Crane electric motor brake
Brake of a crane close up
Crane's mechanics
Safety is our top priority
"Heart" of a crane
Crossbeam of an overhead crane
Winding of the ropes on a drum, electric motor in the back
Overhead crane's track in the factory hall
Drum with double winding
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