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- crane repair shop from Niš, Serbia. We were established as an independent company in 2010. after gaining more than 30 years of experience. We are one of the leading machine industry service providers in Serbia and Southeast Europe. Our primary mission is performing successfully interventions on all sorts of cranes. We are ready to help you if you are experiencing any kind of problem that is under our field of interest. Those are control, defects inspection, repair and all kind of services for:

  • overhead cranes
  • gantry cranes
  • construction cranes
  • tower cranes
  • dock levelers
  • monorails
  • all kinds of industrial transporting machines:
    conveyor belts, thrust devices, driers, sugar refinery equipment...

We can deliver majority of spare parts and accessories, from local and international producers. We are also acquiring complete hoists and gearboxes for all sorts of cranes.

Documentation production

Other than that, we can produce all the necessary technical documentation which goes with this kind of equipment in use and in full and extraordinary services. Our documentation can include construction (static of the crane) and electronic aspects of your machine.

References and clients

drum of a crane from one of the interventions

Based on the extensive experience we vouch for all of our services. Behind us is 30 years of projecting, supervision of the production, on-site installation, commissioning of new and reconstruction of old cranes. Long list of successfully finished jobs speaks in favour of it. We have cooperated with large number of industrial orientated subjects - from small and medium companies all the way to local machine industry giants. Among them you can find "RTB Bor", "TIR Bor", "Rudarski Basen Kolubara", "Prva Petolekta Trstenik", "PIK Bečej", "Ruma Guma", "11. oktomvri Kumanovo" and many others. We woud noted that a lot of our cooperation is with local companies. Complete list of our work you can find here.

Professional technical drawing

One of the important parts of our business is professional production of digital technical drawings. Using newest standards and methods we deliver dwg type files which are compatible with all the versions of CAD software. From simple drawings all the way to complete industrial plants projects - our team is at your service. We are producing flawless CAD drawings for last 15 years. Here you can see some of the samples of our projects.


photo of a safety helmet with mids kran logo

If you have any business proposal, request or offer - please contact us. We will be more than happy to answer all of your inquiries and give you all the necessary informations. Get in touch with us by e-mail, phone or in person. On contact page of our website you can find all the relevant data how to do that, as well as legal and financial informations about us.